For years Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets developed and deepened her knowledge of the traditional visual art practice, specifically with acrylic painting.

The last years she decided to combine her practice with a different path.  And developed towards a new phase.
Creating new work in which roughness and refinement in materials and subjects, as contrasting theme’s, are combined. They are reflections of the struggles with everyday reality.
Another changed key element is the combination of opaque and transparent materials.  Visualizations of the realities we live in. The works change, under different circumstances. They reflect realities that appear to be transparent and clear, but are only partly.

In the social cultural works that she creates subjects are a.o. freedom, story-telling, connection and technology. Combined with new and innovative techniques and media, these themes are visualized. These insightful and confrontational projects consist a.o. of (interactive) installations, light, film and digital works.

Being part of society, but also choosing to keep some distance, offers her the objectivity and liberty to create. Andrea uses this freedom to challenge and shift physical and non-physical borders. Searching, exploring and shifting boundaries to never expected heights.

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