About Mural Mania (english)

Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets is the visual artist behind Mural Mania.

Portraying the essence of all things is at the heart of her art. Whether this is in big stories of which the core is visualized as miniature on stone or represented in more abstract paintings. In which she use all the visual tools available to display her key points.

Trees and hands are important as means of expression. Themes include: contrasts and seeming realities. Through mixed media and semi-translucent paintings, she also stimulates the viewer to move more and more across the border to what could be. She gives them a glimpse into another reality. Her art is not black and white, it is translucent, it challenges, it overlaps, it is limitless …

Caminostones: on ongoing art project with miniature painted stones on the international trails. Starting from there, they are free to travel the world. Their stories waiting to be discovered by those who are open to it. Setting out to inspire and create their own story as their journey progresses.In 2015 she layed out a first artroute of 1470 km, through France and Spain, to Santiago de Compostella. Project Stone consists of 61 miniature painted stones. In 2019 the 4rth project will be carries out.You find more information on this project here.

A big dreamer, miniature adventurer, programmer and experimentalist from the Netherlands. Art was and always will be important in her live. After becoming a master in arthistory, her interest shifted more and more to creating art herself.

The result is a diverse portfolio.

✆ 0031-6-33156202 ✉ info@muralmania.nlwww.muralmania.nl www.caminostones.com

Chamber of Commerce registration nummber: 57514348

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