Stone 20


Steen van: Willemijn

Nummer: 20

Datum steenlegging: 23 augustus 2015

Afmetingen: 4.3 x 2.9 cm.

GPS-coordinaten plaats: 43.578239, -0.335858 (link)

Bijbehorende haiku:

Bij een pelgrimspad
ligt een vraag naar het waarom.
Wandelend op zoek.

8 thoughts on “Stone 20

  1. Andrea, ben benieuwd of je al wandelend ook antwoorden zult vinden… maar geniet vooral van de weg er naar toe!

  2. I came back from fisterra… I walked more than 1500 k m from rocamadour in France to Santiago, and Muxia , And fisterra,… from the 10 of august to the 7th of october…
    I was walking in the grass and i saw this beautiful stone….
    My backpack was so empty when i started the way: camino… The camino teached me to accept to receive…
    So i took this stone in my backpack.. this stone arrived to santiago and fisterra with me.. and will continue to participate to my new life…
    walking is a way to listen the answer who are already there.. but we are so blind to see them… So open your eyes to be surprised by the life and so lot of gift each day…

    Thanks for this great project…
    I decided to live now for my dream and my passion.. in art and awareness of soul… I decided to open a place to host people, pilgrim, around nature and art…. I don’t know how… but the answer will arrive day per day…

    thanks for this stone… a stone to build my project…

    • Hello Berenice,

      Reading your story, I am happy that one of the stones will be part of your new life!
      Thank you for sharing. Your story touched me in a real positive way.

      I guess it is true that the camino gives every day. As I have experienced too. Like the pelgrimdogs who walked with me, the sun who appaers after a rainy day.
      And another camino starts at home, with new insights, changes and with gifts every day! Your story is one of these gifts for me.

      Great to here about your new dream and passion. I would love to hear more from your plans in the future.

      Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Wow, how lovely that Willemijns stone is traveling and bringing something new. Hope that my stone can do the same. Enjoy your new dream Berenice.

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